Studying The Sense of Embodiment in VR Shared Experiences
IEEEE VR, Reutlingen, Germany, 2018
Rebecca Fribourg, Ferran Argelaguet, Ludovic Hoyet, Anatole Lécuyer


Best 3DUI Demo Award at IEEE VR 2019:
Pyramid Escape: Design of Novel Passive Haptics Interactions for an Immersive and Modular Scenario
IEEE 3D User Interface Contest, Osaka, Japan, 2019
Hugo Brument, Rebecca Fribourg, Gerard Gallagher,  Thomas Howard, Flavien Lécuyer, Tiffany Luong, Victor Mercado, Etienne Peillard, Xavier de Tinguy, Maud Marchal

Best 3DUI Demo Award at IEEE VR 2018 – Honorable Mention:
Toward Intuitive 3D User Interfaces for Climbing, Flying and Stacking IEEE 3D User Interface Contest, Reutlingen, Germany, 2018
Antonin Bernardin, Guillaume Cortes, Rebecca Fribourg, Tiffany Luong, Florian Nouviale, and Hakim Si-Mohammed